“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” – Les Brown

Build People Up

A small genuine compliment can go a long way. We all know how great it feels to receive a compliment. But did you know that giving a compliment can also help you feel happier and even improve your health? Research has show that when we do something kind, our brain releases oxytocin the "warm, fuzzy hormone" that makes us feel really good. 

Admit your flaws

Everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Making mistakes is part of life. To admit your mistakes, it takes a high level of honesty, integrity and courage.

Be an active listener.

Anyone can hear the words other people say, but not many people can actively listen and comprehend those words to fully understand the meaning behind them. Make eye-contact if someone talks to you about their problems and ask follow-up questions to show them you care about what they are going through and want to understand where they are coming from as well as you can.

Keep your promises.

You need to keep your word, no matter how much more fun the other thing may be. It’s easy to ditch our responsibilities when a more interesting opportunity presents itself, but this is a sure-fire way to destroy the trust you’ve worked so hard to earn, so you’d be wise to keep your word no matter what.

Set people free.

Don’t merely give people step-by-step advice, but instead give them the freedom to figure it out by themselves. No one likes a micro-manager. If you’re asked for help, deliver a rough guideline to get a person moving in the right direction, but intentionally leave something left to the imagination so they will have the freedom to fill-in-the-blanks. When a person discovers they are capable of figuring things out by their lonesome, they will discover they are more powerful than they ever thought possible.
How have you inspired people around you?
Have you had the pleasure of inspiring a person to do better? Or has someone inspired you to be better? If so, we'd love to hear all about it!