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When it comes to stainless-steel bottles, the price range can fluctuate significantly, and numerous blogs and articles all refer to different stainless-steel bottles, so why is it so hard to choose the best one?

One of the main reasons this choice has become so tough is that companies that make inferior stainless-steel bottles portray all stainless-steel bottles as equal. The deception of options is a common practice by companies who will stock shelves of your favorite stores with the same bottles and simply change their labels, a secret that most stainless-steel companies do not disclose. Deceptive marketing practices are another shady practice stainless steel companies use. For example, it is common for stainless steel companies to claim that their stainless-steel bottles are BPA-free, but they do not specify if the entire stainless-steel bottle is BPA-free or if only portions of it are. These practices are allowed in the United States as companies are not required to be 3rd party tested.

A great stainless-steel bottle can be defined by the type of stainless steel, the thickness of the walls, and the type of lid on the bottle. Steel of higher grade retains, or repeals heat more efficiently and is less likely to stain or taste metallic. A bottle's longevity will be determined by its stainless-steel walls. Thinner stainless-steel walls make vacuum insulation more likely to fail. The bottle's lid is one of the most important parts, since most lids are not BPA free and are difficult to clean, causing a change in taste and even causing a strange odor. Many of these elements are difficult to verify when the stainless-steel bottle is sealed, which is why third-party testing is crucial to ensuring the authenticity of the quality of the stainless-steel bottle.

When researching and shopping online for your next stainless-steel bottle, here are a few things to look for.

  • Use caution when reading articles or blogs that have links encouraging you to purchase a certain stainless-steel bottle since the author is paid to endorse the product and is getting a commission if you click on the product through the article.
  • Check for 3rd party certifications.