Venture Duckling Stainless Steel bottle

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Free of 1300+ Ingredients banned in European Union

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Discover the Duckling Difference

Loving my Venture Duckling bottle! Keeps my drinks cold all day.

Erin Murray

I'm impressed with the insulation of my Venture Duckling bottle, it keeps my coffee hot during my long morning commute.

Sara Williams

The best water bottle I've ever owned, thanks Venture Duckling!

Brian Nagele

The best stainless steel bottle

Is your bottle toxic?

Protect your well-being with Venture Duckling's commitment to using only 100% certified, high-quality materials. Say goodbye to the risks posed by harmful chemicals and subpar materials

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we care

There are many bottles on the market which are produced to be replaced after a short period of time, usually as part of planned obsolescence. With quality in everyday products declining, we wanted to create a change. To create change, we used better materials and a smarter design in the creation of a durable stainless-steel bottle. Every aspect of the bottle was designed for everyday use, from how it feels in your hand to how the rim of the bottle feels on your lips. It's all about how the product feels.

Our Story

Venture Duckling started with a simple idea: to create the best stainless steel bottle on the market. We were inspired by our pet duckling, who taught us the importance of perseverance and the courage to take risks.